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I'm a bit of a chameleon. I love light and use it to try to tell stories with my images. Lately a lot of those stories have been fetish related. If this offends you, probably best not to look. Everything is mixed together because that's how art works best. One thing should always compliment the next...
What stories do they tell you?


I'm just Jim. I graduated from Art Center in Pasadena in the 80s. I've shot everything from tabletop to high fashion over the years. I remain under agency contract and can be reached through the Douglas Light Group, Culver City CA. 

Just the facts.


53 Years Old

Los Angeles Based

Canon Shooter (CPS, 2001-Present)


Portrait. Tabletop. Large Format. Studio. Location. Fetish. Nude. Whatever.

For Photographers, Yes, I'm still doing workshops. I announce them on the blog here and they always sell out. (Doesn't take that much as I only allow ten people per workshop. This year's topics are similar to last year, business, learning light, posing, working a wedding.

Email. Jim@This Website Dot Come



Best to reach me through the Douglas Light Group as they keep all of my calendars except for my wedding calendar. If you're inquiring about a wedding, email me directly.
If you're inquiring about a shoot, tell me what city you're in, some dates that work for you, and send me a link where I can meet you visually. (It helps me to develop ideas about how I want to shoot with you. Trust me, I shoot all shapes and sizes.
If we've shot before chances are I'll remember you...

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